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What is Music Tale?

Music Tale is a collaboration of two professional composers who met in music faculty and are passionate about creating immersive soundscapes for video games. We specialize in crafting original and unique compositions that complement the game’s storyline and gameplay, with a focus on medieval, fantasy, adventure, RPG, and other related genres.
Music Tale, curated by composers Luiz Hauck and Michel Curi, offers a diverse selection of RPG, medieval, and fantasy-themed tracks. These compositions enrich gaming experiences with enchanting soundscapes, ensuring memorable journeys through fantastical worlds.

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Luiz Hauck

Luiz Hauck, holding a bachelor’s degree in music composition, had his first musical experience as a child playing guitar. Now he is committed to creating immersive music that enhances the storytelling of visual media. He is passionate about Bach’s music and his favorite soundtrack is from The Lord of the Rings‘ movies. Also, his favorite games are Mount and Blade and Skyrim.

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Michel Curi Jr.

Michel Curi Jr. is a composer and pianist, graduated in music composition. His work is centered around orchestral music, with a focus on creating soundscapes and memorable themes for video games. Michel’s passion for game music dates back to his childhood, when he was captivated by the soundtrack of popular titles like Skyrim, World of Warcraft, and the Harry Potter games.

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